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May 20th, 2017, 9:36 am


Return and Reboot

So... it's been... a while...

Best I can tell, I have been away from Smackjeeves for approximately 5-7 years. This fact blows my mind on many levels and honestly, this had almost nothing to do with not liking Smackjeeves. Mostly it was due to Gravston being moved to other sites for various reasons, and Smackjeeves just falling away for... seemingly no reason.

Once and a while I would look over at Smackjeeves and tell myself 'I need to start posting again on here' and then not do it because other stuff came up.

And then... the Tapas thing happened.

So I am back and Smackjeeves will be a place I post Gravston going forward. Now I've gotten used to the bulk uploader, I will be posting new pages of Gravston here every other day as well as on my own site,

But you may have noticed a few... changes.

You'll notice the chapters look... different. Well that's because just over a year ago, I rebooted Gravston in a new form. This version has shorter chapters and is more what the series was meant to be. I had a habit of pandering too much when I first started, and this time around I want to make the story I want to make. Plus my skills have improved a lot in the past 7 years (least I hope so anyway XD)

If you miss the old version - I'll be reuploading it in a seperate comic on here. It's just that there are 37 Chapters all with 40+ pages so it may be something I do over the course of the next few months.

As for the backlog, you'll see Chapters 1- 9 uploaded over the next 24 hours, as well as the first five pages of Chapter 10. After that, the next new page will be on Monday 22nd May.

Thank you again for your time, my sincere apologies to abandoning Smackjeeves and I hope you all enjoy the newest version of Gravston.

Peace out.

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May 20th, 2017, 6:33 pm


Welcome back ^_^

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May 20th, 2017, 6:35 pm



Thank you very much ^_^

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