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October 13th, 2011, 7:58 am


USA Trip Update + Livestream Cancelled.

Hey guys,

You'll be happy to know that I have arrived in the USA safe and sound and am currently staying in Arlington VA with Anastasia - whom regular viewers of my Livestream will know as my co-host - and I am having a great time. Mostly been settling in and getting used to how bloody big the 'large' orders of things are here in the states.

Seriously a large drink is like twice the size of a large in the UK! You people are either geniuses or crazy I can't decide. On that note I've also been doing my best to avoid food and drink we have in the UK and tasting some of the delights that only the USA can offer. By that I obviously mean candy and junk food. Chick-fil-a was really nice even if I seriously regretted ordering a second drink for my company due to the aforementioned ridiculous size of the things! I've also tried some Hershey's chocolate - my favourite is the Cookies and Cream - as well as trying out the different flavours of M+Ms you have here - dark chocolate, coconut, peanut butter and the strangest yet oddly delicious pretzel M+Ms! I also got some Reese's Pieces - because my companion does look a bit like ET (she just slapped me for that) - which were okay but nothing to write home about. Internet but not home.

I've also had Mountain Dew and discovered that the offbrand Mountain Dew Energy we have in the UK is friggin identical so that's good news cause Mountain Dew is awesome! I also tried your Fanta - which is coloured orange whereas ours is slightly more yellow - and discovered it tastes about the same. Though yours has High Fructose Corn Syrup whereas ours has Sugar so... ours is better for you :P

While I was here I figured I better check out a mall so we went to one nearby which was a tad underwhelming - we're gonna go to a bigger one this weekend. You guys do have a much better range of anime stuff to buy than we do so I think I can foresee me buying a few things here and there. Went to see Real Steel while we were there which was an okay film but it's really ruined by some terrible dialogue and a truly obnoxious child actor playing a part that appears to have been written for someone about five or six years older than he is.

Also he dances. With a robot. It's a weird, weird film.

Unfortunately because things are a little hectic here at the moment - I wont go into why - Anastasia and I will not be able to do a Livestream as we first hoped. Mostly because the equipment we need to do so is kinda lost to the ages at the moment. If that changes I will let you guys know straight away but as of now - no Livestream.

Anyway hope all you lovely people are having a good day and aren't missing Gravston too much XD.

I'll probably post another journal sometime soon to let you know what other misadventures I have gotten up to.

Peace out from the USA


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